How to Write Web Content: Choose Your Words Wisely

How to Write Web Content: Choose Your Words Wisely

We’ve all learned that the most effective form of communication is words. We spend a lifetime learning how to put sentences together and how to make them more complex and meaningful. So, why do we have such a hard time using them effectively in business? Why is web copy so challenging?

As an agency, we have found that a lot of business websites use very smart words, but they aren’t necessarily arranged in a meaningful order. You deliver innovative solutions? That’s great, but how? Buzzwords sound nice, but they make your copy lazy, vague, and predictable. In an effort to illustrate the benefits of a new product or service, the basics become lost in the chaos. There’s no connection.

How can we make our words impactful? How do we better relate to consumers?

Keep it short and precise.

Clarity trumps clutter every time, whether it’s design, copywriting, or simply relaying instructions. Can you tell a visitor what your company does in 10 words or less? (Spoiler alert: you should be able to do so.) When skimming a homepage or about us page, will a reader immediately grasp what you do?

You have less than a minute to engage a visitor on your site. Don’t confuse them with complex clutter. Don’t make them hunt for content. And whatever you do, don’t be vague.

Keep it simple.

Don’t assume that because someone is on your site, they understand the nature of your business. So often, we hear people use industry-specific jargon. Using complex words without explaining what they mean can make you seem unrelatable and untrustworthy. It’s always best to break things down into simple terms.

Always remember, time is money, and no one has time to figure out what you do. Keep it simple, and it’ll be an easier process.

Keep it personal.

Now more than ever before, consumers want to be connected—through partnerships and experiences. People want to visit your site and get a sense of who you are and what you do before they meet with you or purchase your product. Sure, it’s important to be reliable and quality-oriented, but doesn’t everyone say that? How do you stand out in the crowd? Your personality says it all.

Whether you’re selling machining, IT solutions, or yoga, website copy should be meaningful and connect with your audience. Establishing some sort of relationship is the easiest way to a customer for life. Here at Exsel, we’re excellent communicators and storytellers. We can help craft professional website copy, with the right amount of complexity and meaningfulness.

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