How to Shoot 2 Videos Across the Country in 3 Weeks

The challenge: One of your top clients calls with a request to shoot not one, but two new product videos, across the country, fully edited, and deliver finished spots within the next 25 days!

Impossible? Not for Exsel! Before the end of the phone call, we gathered the team and got to work. We know timing is always of the essence, so it came as no surprise that things had to move fast. The next two weeks were booked solid with other projects for the same client, so everything had to happen the third week out — including on-location editing between takes. We love challenges like this, and Vibram keeps us thinking on our feet.

With days left to the launch of the new FiveFingers styles — the V-Aqua and the V-Alpha — we cleared our schedule and flew the crew out west for a 3-day shoot scouted from New England.

We began in Monterey, CA and moved to Castle Rock, which really are stunning places, perfect for the features of these shoes. These new FiveFingers are for outdoor enthusiasts and allow for hiking, biking, paddle boarding and kayaking. Quite a few attributes to fit into these 30 second spots. The final videos were presented to Vibram’s Italy headquarters within the 25-day time frame, and have since been featured in multiple TV spots.

Do you have a challenge for Exsel?

Let’s hear it!

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