Rich Suitum


Rich leads the agency in strategy, operations, and personnel. With more than 25 years of marketing experience, combined with a background as a CPA, and the ability to grasp all things digital and electronic, Rich provides quality solutions for budgets of all sizes. He has coordinated an array of diverse and complex projects, such as new product videos, retail store designs, and co-op advertising programs for Vibram; and recently oversaw the rebranding of long-time client Mylec Hockey to rave reviews and increased inventory at chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods. Rich’s college baseball days left him with a killer piñata swing, but everyone has learned to give plenty of clearance when he’s up at bat.

Enjoying life on the water with his fiancée, Rich tries to make a few laps around the lake a day in the boat or kayak. When on dry land, you can find him spending time with his daughters, volunteering at various non-profits, or on the golf course.

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Rich enjoys working on…

Mylec Hockey

Mylec has a special place in my heart, because they have been with Exsel since the very beginning. Over the years, we have collaborated on hundreds of packaging design projects. It’s a good feeling every time I see a Mylec product on the shelf at a sporting goods store.”

That’s enough about Rich.