Mary Heichel

Senior Graphic & Web Designer

Mary is a major driver behind our web work. We’re pretty sure she dreams in WordPress. Nonetheless, she turns concepts into reality with prowess. She has the innate ability to build a robust interface and give it a beautiful and intuitive design. She thinks fluently in responsive code, no matter the language or CMS. Mary is also well-rounded in SEO, social media and digital marketing, and can make them all operate in concert. She is a true problem solver — whatever clients request their website do, she finds an answer. Her design is always practical, but with performance and flair. Mary’s talents don’t stop at web development. Her roots are in print design and advertising, where she expresses a fun, playful style. She’s also adept with an Xacto knife, and is the office DJ for Boy Band Friday.

Between serving our clients’ web wishes and dreams, Mary is an enthusiastic adventure-seeker, music-listener, and lover of the great outdoors. She is passionate about her faith and spending quality time with her husband and their two young children.

age at which she knew she would be an artist
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Mary enjoys working on…

Cohasse Country Club

“I love it when we get to flex our digital marketing muscles! In working with Cohasse, we get to do just that. They’re one of our newer clients, and we’ve had the opportunity to help them break into the world of Facebook advertising. Using integrated website landing pages, we’re able to see those conversions coming through, and that’s especially rewarding.”

That’s enough about Mary.