Daniela LeBlanc

Senior Graphic Designer

Daniela came to Exsel in 2017 with a love of everything creative. She specializes in branding, print, packaging, and environmental/display graphics. Her ability to wear many different hats (although if you ask her, she’d rather wear a scarf with her standard all-black attire), brings an edge to Exsel that has proven successful. Daniela is a planner — sketching out entire designs with pen and paper, and then letting the solution take physical shape. Her clever design transitioned Rugg products into Heirloom Garden Tools, growing their market from hardware stores into grocery stores. Just like one of her favorite songs, she never stops believing and reminds us to dance daily.

When her toes are not tapping in the office, Daniela spends time with her family, hiking or at the beach (bright sunshine, or dark and stormy days) and traveling as often as possible.

number of visits to Hawaii, her favorite place on Earth
number of books she is currently reading
number of Lego pieces scattered across her house

Daniela’s favorite project is…

Vibram Sole Factor RV Jungle Wrap

“I’ve always loved the challenge of taking a good brand and morphing it into a different dimension. Transforming the Vibram Sole Factor RV into a jungle adventure was a fun project. Seeing the result debut at the world-renowned Art Basel show no less was wicked cool.”

That’s enough about Daniela.