Tara Murray

Graphic Designer

Tara is a valuable asset to the Exsel team, providing design and production support on projects that require “all hands on deck.” She can easily make sense of what seems like nonsense, and she’s great at minute details. Never done learning, Tara blends her knowledge of design technology with problem solving skills to keep the work flowing throughout the entire production process. And, she single-handedly keeps all the agency plants growing at an exponential rate, despite whatever torture we serve up.

When not in the office, Tara can be found at the beach with a book, in her garden, traveling the world, or in what we suspect is her favorite haven, her art studio.

age at which she started college
number of US states she has lived in
number of countries she has traveled to

Tara’s favorite project is…

Revelation Productions

“As a design agency, it’s especially cool to get to work with other creative people sometimes. Revelation Productions is just that. Bouncing ideas off of each other during strategy meetings almost makes your head spin with excitement! When creatives work with other creatives, the possibilities are endless.”

That’s enough about Tara.