Oversaturation of News Websites Makes Them Less Effective as an Advertising Medium

GoLocal. Patch. The Daily Voice. Wicked Local. And let’s not forget news collection sites such as outside.in and Topix, not to mention a website for virtually every print publication on the planet – Boston.com, Telegram.com, Mass Live, and on and on.

Which one do you visit regularly? How about your neighbor? Or your friend on the other side of town? Is it the same one? Doubtful.

The news website trend that has taken off like wildfire has truly resulted in a lessening of them as an effective advertising medium.

How so? Similar to a new product launch, demand and price are high until competition arrives, then all out price and market share warfare ensues. The news based website explosion is no different. Ask ten people which one is their go-to site – and you’re likely to get ten different answers. So now you really need to advertise on several to reach the same market you once did with one – which lessens cost-effectiveness.

And as to newspaper websites – pay walls on many have also put a hurt on effectiveness, since in many cases a newspaper’s website is free only if you subscribe to the paper. And if you read the paper that you pay to subscribe to – are you going to go to the website of that publication also?

And how about “top ten” and “best of” lists that carry over page after page simply inflate total number of page views to look better to a potential advertiser? This is in no way a true reflection of a website’s traffic.

Just some thoughts to think about the next time an electronic media salesperson calls on you...as plenty will.

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