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An industry leader in flexible gas piping, Gastite was looking for a mobile app allowing gas pipe installers a quick and easy solution to help calculate the appropriate size piping for a specific application. Utilizing advanced algorithms, our developers converted Gastite's printed sizing charts into an intuitive mobile app. Instead of searching through 10 pages of tables and manually calculating pipe sizes, installers use the scroll wheel design to enter data. As the options are chosen, the app calculates the appropriate size Gastite flexible gas piping for the scenario. The app also includes a downloadable version of Gastite's Design & Installation Guide, an FAQ section and a link out to technical support.

Available for both iPhone and Android the app has over 2,800 downloads and an Android user review of 4.3 out of 5, the Gastite Sizing Guide mobile app has proven to save time, extend brand awareness, and increase customer loyalty.

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