Trimming into a Trend. Mo-Marketing

I mustache you a question, how could something that has been around forever become contemporary? Even since before the invention of the razor, the mustache has been a staple across the upper lip of many millions of men. There are countless styles, even more names, and these facial follicles are currently on the fashion forefront… again.

Mustaches are retro, and retro is in. Novelty products featuring a lip broom have become increasingly popular. According to Google Trends, with all of its peaks & valleys, mustache related searches have been on the incline. You can almost go anywhere, looking for anything and chances are there will be a version with a mustache on it. Personally my most recent purchase is a mustache tape lint roller.

Adding to my collection of fake mustaches, mustache duct tape, mustache stickers, a mustache mirror, and glow in the dark mustaches just to name a few. You might say I’ve been bitten by the mustache bug, though sadly I have not been blessed with the ability to grow a healthy lip brow. My mustache tattoo will just have to do. I like to think that the mustache makes the man; the man doesn’t make the mustache. Well, literally he does make it, but if he is funny, wearing a lip caterpillar makes him funnier. Unfortunately, if he is creepy it only makes it worse. On the plus side, you can easily tell which twin is evil because he’ll have a mustache.

The crumb catcher’s growth in popularity could be attributed to the phenomenon known as Movember. In 2003, 30 men in Australia grew mustaches to help raise awareness for men’s health issues and prostate cancer. Through word of whisker-covered mouth, clever marketing, and changing November to Movember, this movement has expanded worldwide to include 1,127,152 Mo’s and raising over 145 million to date. After registering at, men start the month with a clean-shaven face, then seek out donations and maintain their flavor savor for the next 30 days. If you don’t normally sport a ‘stache, it instantly becomes a conversation piece.  At the end of the month if you stop shaving all together, you could participate in Decembeard, but that’s another blog for another time. If the mustache can make this big of a comeback, what will be next? It could be staring you right in the face.

Nods to for their cause & the stats, and GoogleTrends for its tracking.

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