Linda Waterman


Linda oversees all things financial at Exsel, keeping everyone on time for budgeting and billing, all while managing the company accounts impeccably. She handles all human resource needs, stays up-to-date on the ever-changing labor laws and requirements, and has a cattle prod at her desk for those who fail to report time sheets on time. Linda is also the agency answer woman — if there’s a question, “Ask Linda.” The organizational mastermind, Linda not only keeps files and storage in tip-top shape, but she also manages the supply inventory as well.

A true lover of summer weather, Linda enjoys kayaking, gardening, camping, riding in her husband’s 1952 Army Jeep, and snorkeling in warm, tropical waters. She and her husband travel as often as they get the chance, whether it’s down to the Cape with their kids and grandkids, or to any palm tree-lined beach overlooking warm, turquoise waters and stunning sunsets.

miles flown to Aruba and back
perennial gardens to tend at home
hugs and kisses to family

Linda’s favorite project is…

No Wait Nation

“…the fun part was showing the client ideas for their brand that they had never even thought about. It’s opening those doors that generate the most creativity, and that’s where we really get to shine. It shows our true passion for what we do.”

That’s enough about Linda.